Understanding the Mailbox

The mailbox is the part of the website where you will receive messages from other members.  Every member on the site has a mailbox and can receive messages, however, there are membership limitations on who can send messages.

Mailbox - Inbox

The mailbox inbox contains messages that you have received.

New Messages

Your mailbox will show a numeric indication on how many new messages that you have.  This is shown down the left hand side alongside the 'Inbox'.

A new message will appear with a darker background and will show in bold.

Managing Messages

You can manage your messages by ticking the box next to the message.  This will then populate a button menu where you can perform the relevant functions.  This includes:

  • Yellow star - this will star the message which will save the message and then add this to your 'Starred' folder section.
  • Clear star - this will remove the star from the message and unsave the message, removing it from your 'Starred' folder section.
  • Trash can - this will delete the message from your inbox.  However it will not remove the message from the sender's mailbox, only from your view.

You can also manage your messages by using the select all option.  This will also populate the same button menu as previously explained, to perform mass actions.

Mailbox Actions

The mailbox has buttons across the top where you can perform various actions.

Refresh Messages

You can refresh the messages in your mailbox by selecting the circular arrows button.

Mailbox Settings

You can access your mailbox settings by selecting the cog button.  This includes your Wink settings and also your Privacy settings.

Mailbox Pages

If you have more than 25 messages, you can access the next page of messages by using the left and right arrows.

Replied Messages

The mailbox will show you which messages you have replied to by showing a replied arrow on them.

Mailbox - Starred

Any messages that have been starred will remain on your account until you decide to close the account.  They reside in the left hand side 'Starred' section where they can be quickly accessed.

Mailbox - Sent

Any messages that you have sent will reside in the left hand side 'Sent' section.

Any messages that you have sent will behave similarly to your inbox.  You can tell whether they have been read by the recipient if they are highlighted with a darker background and are shown in bold.

Viewing Messages

In the message view, the messages that you have exchanged with another member will be grouped into a conversation.  In the conversation, you can keep adding new replies without needing to create a separate new message.

At the top of the message, you will find a series of button options that include:

  • Exclamation mark - this is used to report the other member if you believe that something is amiss.
  • Circular block - this can be used to block the other member from contacting you again.
  • Trash can - this will delete the message from your view. 

Again each message will be an indication when the message was sent and the read status, either read or unread.

Replying to a Message

At the bottom of each message is a section where you can write your reply.  Replying can have membership limitations, so unlimited access is not available to every member.

In the reply section, you can make use of the format tools available and insert any photos that you have uploaded to your profile that have been approved, using the image button. 


Send a New Message

The ability to send new messages can have membership limitations.  If you are unable to send a new message and you are directed to an upgrade page, this would indicate that you have insufficient membership.  You can resolve this by upgrading.

When sending a new message to another member, simply enter the username of that member in the 'Send to' section, a subject for the message in the 'Subject' box, and finally your message in the 'Message' box.  Once you are happy with your message, select 'Send' to complete.  

Once a message has been sent, it is not possible to remove this from the recipient's side.