Joining a group

You will find the groups that are available on the site by mouse clicking onto Groups from top menu, listed under Entertainment.

Once you have located a group that you would like to join, mouse click on the 'Join' button. If you cannot see this button, the group privacy may be invite-only.

Group privacy levels

There are three different levels of privacy.


Any member can join a public group.


If you join a private group, the creator or the group, or any users who have been appointed as Admins, must approve you before you are able to access the forum, the shared media, and be shown as being part of the group.


The creator of the invite only group or one of the members must first send you an invite for you to be able to join.

Group Admin

The group creator, or the group Admin, has the ability to remove you or any content from a group and also ban. They are responsible for running the group so if any problems arise, they would be the person to speak to.