Received messages

If a user has sent you a new message or a wink, these will appear in your Mailbox in the 'Inbox' section.

Please be aware that any messages that were sent over 30 days ago and have not been starred by you will be deleted. You can star messages by following the instructions in the 'Starred Messages' section.

New Messages

New messages that your profile that you haven't read yet will appear highlighted with a darker background and in bold. As soon as you open the message, the sender will be able to see that you've read it. 

Starred Messages

As explained, any messages that are over 30 days old will be automatically deleted by the system unless you star them. You may wish to consider this should you wish keeping any prior correspondence with other site users. To star a message, mouse click onto the star icon to the left of the message. You can tick multiple messages and then choose the star button at the top.

Un-starring Messages

This process is the same as above but this time once you have ticked the messages you wish to un-star, mouse click the clear star icon.

Deleting Messages

To delete a message, mouse click onto the square tick box left of the message. You can tick multiple messages or tick the square tick box highest on the left to tick all of the messages. Once you have selected the ones you wish to delete, mouse click the trash can icon.  Please note that once a message has been deleted, you will not be able to access it again.