Receiving photo / video comments and ratings

This help article explains about about your privacy options for receiving comments on your photos and how to manage them.

Photo / video comments privacy options

You can opt of your photos / videos receiving comments from other members in your privacy options. To do this, click your username from the top menu followed by Settings.

From the menu, choose Privacy.

In the privacy section, you should find the photo / video privacy under the Feedback heading. You can allow everyone on the website to leave comments, friends only or no one at all by unticking the box. After making changes, select Update to save.

Reviewing received comments

Any comments that your photos or videos have received will be displayed in your comments management section. To enter this section, click your username from the top menu followed by My Comments.

You will see who the comment was left by, the comment, when the comment was left, and what the comment was left on.

Deleting a received comment

In the comments magangement section, if there's a comment that you do not want to have any longer, you can delete it by selecting the trash can icon.